Get FREE advice on the installation of your EV Charge Point

This is how it works:

1. Check if your vehicle is eligable

Government grants are only available to certain individuals & organisations so please call us and discuss to find out whether you are eligible for a grant or try the following link:

2. Get a free quote from us

We will come to you free of charge and advise upon method, location and type of charge point that is best suited to your property.

3. Survey

If you’re happy with our quote and would like to proceed with the installation, we will need to conduct a Load Test on your electrical installation prior to installing your EV Charge Point. This will be included in the final price.

4. We install your charge point

Provided that your load test was successful, our engineers will attend on schedule and install your charge point according to the latest standard including testing and certification.

5. We apply for the grant

We will take care of the application and documentation and upon approval from OLEV we settle the invoice, minus the applicable grant amount.

Smart Home Installations

Domestic – Commercial

At the very heart of smart controls sits the simplicity and organic control of devices. Whether you want to be able to control your heating from your phone or you want to switch or dim the lights simply by the power of speech, there seems to be no end to its practical application. Besides making life ever so slightly easier for all of us, smart installation has made it possible for many elderly and diasabled to do things they could never consider in the past.


Control the temperature and schedule of your heating.


Control your lighting on/off, colour and intensity.


Control any appliance plugged in to your sockets.


Control and view your CCTV recording or live view.


Control and reset your security and fire alarm systems.

Keyless Door Entry

Enter in to your home via your phone, digital keypad of fob.

Effortless, immediate, effective

Just say the word and let the technology do the hard work.

The power of control at the tip of your finger

Control your heating, lights, sockets and just about anything that uses electricity with a single touch.

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